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Leejoy´s Afghans

About us...

We are Leena and Jonny Pettersson and has had afghan hounds since 1988. We are engaged in breeding on a small scale and had our first litter in 2004. Good mentality and health is important for us, all in accordance with the standard formula specified in the Swedish Afghan Hound Club's records. We live on a farm in the country and the dogs can run free every day. Puppies grow up in play and get to meet the adults in natural interaction. Dogshows are a hobby for us, it's fun and at the same time giving an assessment of breeding results. The puppy buyers who choose our dogs will proudly be exhibiting their dog if they want, but the dog must primarily be able to stay in the family and spread the joy by being social. As our groundfoundation we build our lives on the Christian faith, we believe in honesty and transparency and would love to have good contact with our puppybuyers if the desire is in them. Since we do not have any children the puppies and our dogs are filling that place, and it is important for us that the puppies will come to good homes where they will be loved forever. Otherwise the puppies are welcome to stay until we get home we consider to be good enough ... Anyone who is interested in afghan hound should know that it takes a lot of time grooming. It is a procedure in 30-45 minute bath and everything between 1-3 hours of brushing under the dryer, once a week or every second, third week depending on coat quality and the environment. You are welcome to participate a wash- and grooming-session and always get help with advice and tips when it comes to grooming as a puppy buyer. Afghan Hounds also need to run free to feel good. It is a hunting dog that has been chasing their prey at a rapid pace, in shorter distances. So you have to find good running areas, large exercise areas, beaches or fenced areas unless there is a large garden. Lure coursing is a fun sport for them, then they must hunt down a "cloth on a string" in max speed. Breed Standard (Sv) RAS: Breed-specific breeding strategy (Sv)
LeeJoy's puppies are in time for delivery, about 9-10 weeks earliest * Registered in the Swedish Kennelclub * Insuranced against hidden faults in three years * Dewormed * Vaccinated * Identitymarked * Veterinary inspected